Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Media Consumption

So as a last required post for class I am to write about what kind of media consumer i am now compared to what I was at the beginning of this class. I believe I am still the same. This class has not made an impact on how I consume the media or relate to it. I am aware of what is being told to me through the media and I am aware of how I affect the media. The blogging project was just another homework assignment for me since I already keep another blog. Overall I don't think my media consumption has changed at all nor will it ever change that much.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Barry Bonds and Politics

So, a little story for all of you just because I thought it was funny.

I was at work on Friday taking my lunch break. During this break I was just sitting at my desk looking up things on the internet when the phone rings. I pick it up to hear an automated voice on the other end of the line tell me it was eyewitness news conducting a survey. I pressed one to agree to take the survey because I was bored and had nothing btter to do.
The first question asked whether I thought it was a good idea that the Giants just signed a contract to bring back Barry Bonds for another season.
Ok simple enough I inputed my answer. The automation assured me after one whole question that the survey was almost over.
The second question asked my gender.
Pretty normal question. Males and Females tend to look at sports differently in some cases.
Third Question. What is your age?
Fine. Once again fairly valid question.
The fourth question. Are you a republican or a democrat?
Ok. Politics play a big role in....wait a minute did that just totally swith directions and ask me about politics? Huh?
Fifth question. Are you liberal, moderate, or conservative?
Once again what that hell??
Thank you for taking our survey please stay tuned to eyewitness news for the results of this poll.

Well I didn't watch eyewitness news, so I don't know what part of the survey I took if any of it was actually in the news, but I just thought the line of questioning was very funny.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Damn Christmas Songs

Sitting in the car listening to the radio the majority of songs (on some radio stations all the songs) are Christmas themed. Tired of hearing the songs, I turn off the radio for the rest of the ride to the store. Once I get into the store the overhead music that is usually filled with adult contemporary or pop music, is now filled with Jingle Bells and Feliz Navidad. Quickly speeding through my shopping to avoid hearing a loop in the soundtrack, I pay and head to my car. I drive home in silence so that I won't have the dreadful music puncturing my eardrums. Finally, home I turn on the television to find the latest christmas episodes or christmas movies of the week. My complaints are not only that Christmas themed things are overdone starting over a month before the holiday, usually the day after thanksgiving, but that everyone ignores the other holidays around this time of year. Not one Hannukah song is played among the everlasting Christmas ones, a Kwanza movie, if there is one, doesn't even penetrate primetime. And I'm pretty sure there is one more holiday around this time of year but thanks to the American system I don't learn about anything that is not mainstream. I think that there not only needs to be more of a varitey in the media around this time of year, but also don't start the holiday themed media until closer to the holiday. You can look at this website for information on different holidays.

Friday, December 01, 2006


So on my lunch hour at work when I have nothing better to do, I go on to this site they usually have some funny stuff, some interesting stuff, and stuff that usually just allows me to waste time. So I was on this site yesterday and found a blog with a very strange topic. This blog is comparing the top ten hottest women. Oh yes, I must mention these women, are all Disney Cartoons. Now with out any further reading one would think this is odd enough. But as with any good things there is the always famous, "But wait, there's more..." So the but wait there's more this time is the comments that follow this post. People argue about the posters choices, they offer more insight of why they think certain characters should make the list, and the give in strange detail why some characters "do it for them". Overall this post is just kind of entertaining and strange, but I encourage all of you to read it, even if it is for the purpose of understanding this post.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prequels, Sequels, and The Neverending Story: Part Infinity

Why is it that some movies continue on forever? Recently there have been a few movie releases along with a few movies that will be released shortly that seem like they should have never even been thought of.
The first of these movies is the recently released Casino Royal. Way back when a great actor named Sean Connery brought the super spy James Bond 007 to life on the big screen. Six movies followed the original release dipicting the spy agents adventures. After Connery, a number of actors have tried to portray the spy but in my opinion have fallen short. In fact, I think that the whole James Bond saga has gone on for too long. Create a new spy character already!! When you stoop to the level of having a blond James Bond you know you have to stop. By the way, by making these statements I am not saying that the other Bond films are bad, except Octopussy that movie was just awful. I also relaize that all these movies are based on teh books as well so they arn't just making this stuff up for movie releases but I still think it has to stop.
The second movie is not really a single movie but more of a genre of movie. The comic book movies continue forever. There have been multiple remakes fo the Superman movies, the Batman movies, and I'm sure after the recent releases of the Spiderman movies down the road they will re-do thos as well.
The most pathetic movie sequels that they are currently making are Rocky Balboa and Rambo. I mean seriously, we get it already. Yea Sylvester Stalone was cool as an underdog boxer at one point in time but enough is enough. How desperate to movies have to be to continue with something that should have been killed long ago?

Lastly I would like to mention The Land Before Time. I don't even want to know how many of these there were and I'm sure this one needs no explanation.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Final Exam

So what is the point of class? The teacher should provide additional information to what can be found in the assigned book and possibly reinforce what the book said. With that being said, the tests should revolve around both in class lectures and things that are in the book. With a test being solely on the book, there is really no point in going to class except for the occational days when you have to turn in assignments (which can just be given to another classmate therefore alleveating the reason to go), or give a presentation. With the final exam in our class being based on the book alone I think that essentially our time spent in class two days a week has been a waste of time. I'm sure all of the students can read a book without going to class. There is my rant for the day. Please let me know if you have any opinions of your own about this matter.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Reality Television vs. Television about Reality

In reading the post by Tomoyo Ohashi I thought a lot about reality television and what it really means. When a person hears reality televsion they usually think of shows such as The Real World, Survivor, or The Biggest Loser. These are the fake reality shows that use the tactics mentioned in Tomoyo's post, and the types of shows that I hate. Now television shows about reality is a totally different thing. I like to watch a wide variety of shows, and those shows include many of these types of shows. The Food Network consists of mainly only shows falling into this category. Yea sure most of the food is made before hand, but it is essentialy things that happen to people everyday. Almost everyone cooks so they can actually believe the things that happen on the Food Network. Another channel that has many shows that follow the genre of television about reality is Court TV. One of my favorite shows to watch is Forensic Files. This show talks about crime scene investigators solving crimes using forensics. There is no fake drama as in the CSI shows and most of what the viewer sees is the actual pieces of evidence that were in the crime. Given the chance televising real life situations can be just as entertaining as fake real life.